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Creating And Enhancing Your Personal Support

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Creating And Enhancing Your Personal Support Empty Creating And Enhancing Your Personal Support

Post  Guest on Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:06 am

Creating And Enhancing Your Personal Support
source: Michael C. Irving, PhD

    It is important to think about what help or support you need and make a
    list of those whom you trust to turn to. Dividing your requests for
    support between different people can ensure that you receive a helpful
    diversity of care. It will also prevent burning out one ally whom you
    have to lean on too much or too often.

    Seeking Assistance Of Your Support People
  • List names with phone numbers. Clarify ahead of time what they can handle and what they cannot help with.
  • Write down OK times to call them.
  • Look through your address book.
  • Use a buddy system.
  • Form a support group.
  • Support check-ins: Get a friend to phone or write you to tell you that you are safe and a good person.
  • Designate a regular time to have check-ins with some people.
  • Call your therapist.
  • Call a crisis or help line.
  • Call a trusted friend.
  • Allow your pets to give you nurturing and support.
  • Know that friends cannot always be there — have back up people.
  • Write to a friend.
  • Send e-mail.
  • Call someone.
  • Use the resources in your church or spiritual setting.
  • Stay with a friend at your home or theirs.
  • Take a class or workshop.
  • Join a therapy group.
  • Volunteer somewhere.
  • Look after a child now and then.
  • Have a slumber party.
  • Seek encouragement from friends.
  • Have a party.
  • Use Internet support groups.
  • Reconnect with someone special.
  • Go for a walk, movie or shopping with a friend.
  • Enjoy a pleasant activity with a friend.
  • Listen to your favorite or upbeat music with a friend.
  • Go dancing.

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