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Forum Guidelines - please read before posting

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Forum Guidelines - please read before posting Empty Forum Guidelines - please read before posting

Post  sky on Sat Apr 11, 2009 12:45 pm

Forum Guidelines

Members of this forum are not responsible for others' personal safety. Therefore, self-care and enforcing personal boundaries should be a priority. That includes reporting situations or experiences on the board that are not in line with guidelines and policies. It is the responsibility of all members to keep the board safe.

This forum is a supportive community where everybody is very welcome. It is a place to come to be supported or to support others – it is about mutual support and care for one another.

Anyone in need of support for ANY emotional issues is welcome here.

Please introduce yourself on the "introduction" forum before you start posting and replying to posts, so everyone knows a little bit about you and feels safer.

Supportive Community is not a professional therapeutic environment. We do not have any interest in being anything more than a part of your support network of your recovery and therapy. We are here to listen and support but we are NOT offer counselling of any description. If counselling is required then there are links at the top of our forum which will help you to find a counsellor in your area or online.

This forum cannot replace face to face therapy with a well-informed, empathic therapist and we encourage all members to seek counselling/psychotherapy and, if it helps, to share with us between sessions. If you need some professional help, we will try to encourage you to you find a qualified, adequate and face to face therapist, doctor or other support in your local community.

We offer love, encouragement, experience, strength and hope on our forum boards. While we may offer you some suggestions, or show you some options, we do not offer any form of professional counselling - although some members might be using counselling skills for better communication and empathy. We will not discourage you from getting support from any person or other channel outside this forum. We strongly encourage you to develop a healthy support network of friends and support outside this forum, especially in your 3D world.

We do not offer nor encourage one to one support by personal message (pm) or by e mail. If members do this they will be advised to post on the boards where we can all share the support. We also ask that you do not encourage others to take their problems into private with you. In our experience, when this happens, members often get themselves into situations that they cannot handle - this is why it is best to keep it on the boards where we can moderate and we can all be safe.

If you are suicidal or feel that you are going to self injure, let’s help you to get some help locally in your community, okay? On this forum is a Crisis line Section with a lot of telephone numbers which offer support and advice. There are also some drop in centres available in some areas, which offer free counselling and/or just a shoulder to lean on.

Please do not make suicide threats or 'goodbye notes' on our boards. If you are suicidal it is important that you contact your doctor or other support in your area ok. We are not here to deal with suicide crisis as it is not guaranteed there will always be someone here to respond but there are details of help lines and crisis centres here:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

We cannot stop you from feeling like you want to die or hurt yourself, but we can talk with you and sit with you and listen. You do not have to be alone here.

We do not allow the glorification of self harm, eating dosorders and suicide on this forum. If you want to harm yourself in this way that's your choice but please do not talk about it in a way that tells us how you are doing it or how you can hurt yourself even more. We will not collude with this as it is harmful to you and also it can have negative effects on other members who are also struggling, in a way that might encourage such activities.

Please do not encourage self-harm in any way

Please do not share any information on methods to self-harm or any tips, including the best ways/places to self-harm.

This is a place to come to support and be supported and to feel heard. We feel strongly that it is not a place to come and advertise or tout for business and ask that you do not do this. There is however a space in your profile where you can put your web address. This is a click on link to your website. Any member coming here for the purpose of deliberately advertising will be banned.

It is totally OK to swear and cuss, use bad language and SCREAAAAAM when you feel like doing so, BUT just not AT members on this forum. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. Everything else is allowed.

There is NO need to use Spoilers in words which are "bad" like, sex, abuse (s*x ab*se) BUT please, to consider everyones feelings DO put a *trigger* warning infront of posts which contain upsetting or triggering words or content.

If there ever should be any problems with people who come in here to harm this forum or any other member, or do not adhere to the rules, staff will have to ban them. We hope this will never happen, but if it does staff will first talk to these people in PM and try to resolve things. If that doesn't work we will have to kick them out. Sorry... but safety first.

Any Questions about this forum please DO post them on the forum, that is what it's there for. By sharing questions and answers we learn and support each other. There is a technical support section to do this on.

While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable. If any member should find anything objectionable please inform admin by Private Message or use the 'report' button on the post which reports the post to admin for attention.

Do not copy and retransmit any information out of these forums without first getting the written permission of the original author of the message.

Private Mesages (pm's) are just that - private. Please do not publish any pm's sent to you in confidence on the boards.

Confidentiality creates an atmosphere of trust. Therefore, members will maintain confidentiality and will not copy, reprint, or repeat in any way what is written on this board, while in chat, or emails to other communities or outside people.

We reserve the right to edit any and all content that has been placed on this forum, but we will take reasonable endeavours to protect your privacy and respect your posts. We will not edit or otherwise misrepresent what you write without letting you know the reason via Private Message.

When you select a username remember that the forum can be seen by all members - some parts are public. If you wish to post anonymously select a username that will not be known to others. Usernames once chosen cannot be changed.

Any individual may only register with one username on the Forum unless you have a reason to register two accounts - let admins know the reason. All information is strictly confidential.

Do not post anything with pornographic or adult content, including links to other sites with such content.

Do not post anything promoting illegal activities, or links to sites promoting such activities.

It is very important that members stay with the poster who started the thread and his/her feelings (unless it is a discussion thread). That means that we are asking members not to steer the poster away towards other subjects especially by adding your own opinions. We ask that you stay with the pain of the poster by listening and hearing what is being said and not bringing your own issues into the thread. For discussions and/or small talk please use the General Chat forum or Discussion Board.

We do not support the notion of 'let it go, forgive those who harmed you, forget about your past and just move on.' We would like to remind members that this forum's purpose is not for telling others that their pain needs to be forgiven and forgotten because the opposite is true; it needs to be spoken, voiced, heard, validated and respected. We will absolutely not accept the belittling or attacking of other’s feelings in this way.

Please know that you are able to modify your posts for 24 hours after posting. After that, this option is no longer available.

We do not remove any posts or threads on request unless we consider them to be a threat to confidentiality. Then, on request, we will modify them accordingly.

You are responsible for your own safety while participating in this forum.

Each member is responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by the Policies and Guidelines pertaining to this community.

We reserve the right to restrict membership at our discretion.

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