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Pming staff and members for emotional support

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Pming staff and members for emotional support Empty Pming staff and members for emotional support

Post  sky on Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:42 am

Hello everyone

The staff here at Supportive Community care greatly about you all and have your welfare at heart. We feel very strongly that the safest place for us to talk is on our boards. I know it can be tempting when others are kind and helpful to want to Pm for support. We do not believe that this is helpful as it can isolate us with the problem and also leave you waiting for a reply when we may not be around which is painful for you. If it is kept on the boards we can all share it together ok. If we receive personal messages asking us for emotional support we will encourage you to post on our boards instead and respond to you there.

We have added a sentence in our forum guidelines which says:

We do not offer one to one support by personal message (pm) or by e mail. If members do this they will be advised to post on the boards where we can all share the support.

We are all individuals with our own problems and it can be overwhelming if we find ourselves having to answer many individual messages. Sometimes it might be that we are unable to answer due to our own pain and if that is the case others are able to answer in our place if it is kept on the forum - and we can all support each other in this way.

We would also strongly advise that you do not encourage others into taking their problems into private with you. In our experience, when this happens, members often get themselves into situations that they cannot handle - this is why it is best to keep it on the boards where we can moderate and we can all be safe.

If you have any administrative problems you are welcome to ask by pm or e mail or they can be posted on our technical support board.

We hope you can all understand and appreciate what we are asking and want you to know how humbled we are by your courage and honesty and your support of one and other here. That is what it is all about - mutual support.

With love and support

The Supportive Community Staff xx Pming staff and members for emotional support 913397

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